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The history of the Andreas Hofer - our family hotel in Pitztal

From the beginning of our family hotel in Pitztal until today:

Until 1927 this house was a double house with built in stables. Historians and witnesses at the time believe that the house was the first house in Mandarfen which was inhabited.

1928 - The Andreas Hofer was not a guesthouse but a large farmhouse in which two families lived. It was also not known under the name of Andreas Hofer. The names of these families were "Katerer" and "Zischgn".

1929 - The house was completely burnt down by a big fire.

1931 - Opening celebations of the new guesthouse Andreas Hofer. The name of the hotel came from the owner at that time, Josef Neururer, who was the spitting image of the tirolean freedom fighter of 1809, Andreas Hofer.

1932 - From the chronicle of the voluntary fire fighters in Plangeroß:
"On 25th of January a fire broke out in the guesthouse in Mandarfen. The house became victim to the flames and burnt to the ground." Under the influence of this misfortune, the men of Plangeroß founded the voluntary fire brigade.

1948 - The guesthouse Andreas Hofer was surrounded in flames yet again. However the men of the voluntary fire brigade arrived on time. It was icy cold, the wind whistled through the valley, wild snow flurries brought three and a half metres of new snow. Under difficult circumstances and high avalanche danger, a waterpump was transported by horsepower from Plangeroß to Mandarfen. Despite these adversities the firemen managed to extinguish the fire. It was a miracle that no lives were ever lost in any of these fires. The most valuable piece in the house is the crucfix, which survived all the fires and still hangs on the wall in the hotel restaurant.

1949 - The house was rebuilt with central heating and electric light. The guesthouse was the first in Pitztal to boast central heating, electricity, and running water. The Andreas Hofer was the most progressive guesthouse in the valley at that time.

1950 - The 50s was a time when economy stabilised, which was also visible in Pitztal. More and more guests sought peace and idyll in this mountain region.

1951- After the death of Josef Neururer, his son Reinhold Neururer with his wife Sabine took over the guesthouse and ran it until 1976.

1976 - After the death of Reinhold Neururer, his son Walter Neururer took over and ran the Andreas Hofer until the year 1988. In this year Walter Neururer died in a tragic car accident. His widow continued until 1991. The 70s and 80s were influenced by an economic rising. The Andreas Hofer in Mandarfen was then the meeting place for walkers, skiers, climbers, locals, guests, hunters, mountain guides and ski instuctors. Even then the world famous Apré Ski in Andreas Hofer was in full swing.

1992 - Paula Auer, the then innkeeper of the Hotel Riffelsees, and Franz Auer (certified mountain guide and ski instructor) applied with their son Thomas Auer (certifed ski instructor) for the Andreas Hofer, which was for sale.

1994 -Thomas Auer, now innkeeper of the Andreas Hofer built up the guesthouse into a 3-star hotel and added on a further 50 beds. With a sauna, steamroom, solarium and an elevator, the Hotel was very modern for its time.

1996 - Thomas Auer had a hotel ski lift built on the northern edge of the village of Mandarfen. The Andreas Hofer is still the only Hotel in Pitztal in which the guests can use the lift free of charge.

2001 - Extended and renovated to become a 4-star hotel. A modern wellness area, the Pitz•Vital•Ressort and a seminar room for 100 people were added, also a further 50 beds.

2006 - Arrangements were made for the hotel to have special offers for children including a large childrens playroom, child minding, playground, little zoo in summer and the many other advantages of the Familienhotels in Pitztal. Andreas Hofer was now the first hotel in Pitztal offering generous deals for families with children.

2010 - The family Auer applied for the lease of the Höllentalanger hut in the Wetterstein mountains under the Zugspitze in Garmisch, and succeeded. Since then the Hotel Andreas Hofer is closed in the summer months (May til September). Family Auer run the Höllentalanger hut themselves.

2013 - Dismantling of the Höllentalangerhütte

2014 - 15 years Locherboden 

2014 - Reconstruction - the new Pitzi's children's paradise comes into being

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